1. ‘0 To 60 In 3 Moves’ From Cafe Oto
    D Benford, E Shapiro, A Wilkinson, A Davies, M Charbin, S Beresford, M Wastell. Intros: A Bohman

  2. Suburbs Of Hell Label Selection (1995​​-​​96) Vol. 3
    Exact Life, MRM, Mr Psyche

  3. Ourselves One Day
    Rachel Musson, Lia Mazzari, Ed Lucas, Douglas Benford

  4. Integrate EP (1995)
    Strobe Flower

  5. Infectious Ink
    Calum Storrie & Douglas Benford

  6. A Spanner In The Poetry Machine
    Hannah Marshall, John Butcher, Mandhira De Saram, Douglas Benford

  7. Offices At Night: Volume 2 - Versions (2005)
    si-cut.db, Rabelais, Mapstation, Mathieu, T’um, Wendt, Roux, Akiyama, Andrews, Cooper, Motion

  8. Occasional Duos
    Douglas Benford with Sylvia Hallett, Billy Steiger, Rachel Musson, Julie Pickard & Phil Durrant

  9. Suburbs Of Hell Label Selection (1995​-​96) Vol. 2
    Exact Life, MRM, Phoenix Jig

  10. Gust Unit
    Alan Wilkinson, Charlotte Keeffe, Greta Pistaceci, Douglas Benford

  11. Behind You (1997)

  12. Personal Friends Retreat
    Keisuke Matsui, Graham MacKeachan, Douglas Benford

  13. Suburbs Of Hell Label Selection (1995-96) Vol. 1
    Exact Life, MRM, V-Neck, Bit Tonic

  14. Four Bespoke Quartets
    Bell Benford Bisset Bohman Finer Hallett Kolkowski Lapelyte Lynch Musson Steiger Thompson Toop

  15. Live At Rhiz (2005)

  16. Autumn Trio
    Olivia Moore, Sue Lynch & Douglas Benford

  17. Enough Roads (1995)
    Radial Blend

  18. Slumber Ensemble
    Sarah Gail Brand, Benedict Taylor, Douglas Benford, Alex Ward

  19. Rate Of Living (1999)

  20. Brief Escapes
    Sue Lynch & Douglas Benford

  21. “Just In Time For Too Late” (1994) Reality Reduction 2: More Music From The Suburbs Of Hell
    Si-Cut.db, Mr Wrong, Exact Life, Radial Blend, Sumo M, Lovecut db

  22. Ceaseless Wonders
    Steve Beresford, Crystabel Riley, Tasos Stamou & Douglas Benford

  23. In The Footsteps Of The Princess (2008)

  24. Vancouver (2011) - soundscape

  25. Doublement Du Patrimoine
    Marjolaine Charbin & Douglas Benford

  26. Nuisance (1995)

  27. Local Rural City Group
    Jem Finer, Georgina Brett, James L Malone, Douglas Benford

  28. Abandon Time (1994)
    Radial Blend

  29. Ad Hoc And Words
    Adam Bohman & Douglas Benford

  30. In Search Of The Surface Noise (1997)
    Pantunes Music

  31. Nurth Combine
    Steve Noble, Poulomi Desai, Chun-Ting (Refa) Wang, Douglas Benford

  32. Offices At Night: Volume 1 - Originals (2004)

  33. Appointed Views
    Alan Wilkinson & Douglas Benford

  34. “Reality Reduction” (1993) Dream Music From The Suburbs Of Hell
    Various: LoveCut db (w. Sarah Cracknell), Exact Life, Si’ Cut db, Mr Wrong

  35. Scrupetty Couples
    Douglas Benford with Max Eastley, Jennifer Allum, Jack Goldstein & John Bisset

  36. Wooden Sweets (2000)

  37. Lavish Deuawdau
    Angharad Davies & Douglas Benford

  38. Fragrant Duos
    Clive Bell & Douglas Benford

  39. Bobbery Quartet
    Mandhira De Saram, Jennifer Allum, John Edwards, Douglas Benford

  40. Phoenix Jig (1994)
    Phoenix Jig

  41. Beauty Reports (1986-94)

  42. Popular Unrest
    Matt Atkins & Douglas Benford

  43. Lapelyte & Benford - Lithuanian duos 2010
    Lina Lapelyte & Douglas Benford

  44. ‘House Of Mirrors’ - Swansea soundscape, 2012


Douglas Benford London, UK

As a composer and sound artist, Douglas Benford has been involved in various audio genres since the late 1980s, performing at many institutions/venues in the UK (Bristol’s Arnolfini, London’s Science Museum, Cafe Oto, Tate Modern, The Roundhouse, ICA and Glasgow’s CCA), festivals worldwide and had installation work in numerous UK art spaces. ... more

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